On February 28, 1980, Mr. and Mrs. I-Hsiung & Su-Min Lin lost Mr. Lin’s mother, Yu Ah-Mei, and their twin daughters, Liang-Chiun & Ting-Chiun. All three were murdered mercilessly in their own home.
Eleven years later, on March 31, 1991, the Tsunah Foundation, cofounded by the Lins with their friends and relatives, was born.

The grief of losing their loved ones, the pain of exile, and the passion and concern for the future of the Taiwanese people that Mr. and Mrs. Lin experienced during these eleven years not only strengthened their wills but also enriched their spirits. As they walked through the valley of the shadow of death, they found new life in death, and hope for their suffering people.

To live a worthwhile life, one must have a noble mind. To fulfill hope, one must endure. The establishment of Tsunah Foundation is to promote one's noble mind and to fulfill the ultimate hopes of the people.


  • To set up scholarships for scholars and students who are interested in study, research, and publications relating to the arts, culture, education, history, and political and social movements of Taiwan.
  • To establish and to assist nonprofit institutions that aim for the advancement of studies and understanding of Taiwan.
  • To establish programs geared toward younger generations of Taiwanese Americans that improve their understanding of Taiwan.
  • To promote peace, freedom, and a democratic way of life in Taiwan.
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Last updated: 07/21/2011