-- By Shirley Huang

Dear avid reader:

Wow.  Thirty essays to skim through V your mind must  be reeling!  Well, hang on cuz here's my two Taiwan dollars to add to the pile.  First off, I'm not here to hype it up.  I believe the Tsunah Foundation does a formidable job holding its own.  So, here are a couple reminders to help you newbies get your bearings. A) the tour is during the winter and although Taiwan winters are comparably mild, don't let it get to your head B) Tsunah is NOT like Love Boat so if you're out spouse hunting you're barking up the wrong tree.  And last but not least, C) we're talking eleven grueling days on a bus trek up and down (and up) the coast of Taiwan with a bunch of strangers who by the end of the trip. . . some still feel like strangers.  If that doesn't turn you off and you still wanna experience Taiwan in a unique and somewhat enlightening way, you've come to the right place. 

I won't bother filling in the minute details because every tour is different.  In fact, the people I met are mostly what defined the tour for me, not the places we went, the the things we did or the food we ate (although that came in a close second!). In fact, if I'm not mistaken, there's always been a sort of chemistry between the members of the Tsunah tour. [uh, I repeat, this tour is NOT like Love Boat!] So, leave your expectations and assumptions at home. This trip, like most things in life, is what you make of it.  Take a peek at our exorbitant collection of photos or read the summaries of post Tsunahers but I'm telling you now, this tour summarily surpasses any vivid photos or eloquent words we could ever display.  Thank you.

Shirley Huang

We be Chilin.