Green Eggs and Yam

Hubert Chen, Juliana Hung, Tiffany Huang, Gene Hsiao

Jet lagged, fresh off the plane,
I thought this trip would be lame.
But then I met the participants, all 35,
Feelin?the groove and feelin?the high.
Luggage in hand we loaded the bus,
Ten days together made a family out of all of us.
We first traveled to Ilan,
Then off to Tai-ping san.
A breathtaking place even in December,
Christmas together I will always remember.
Who could forget fifty cent boba drinks, betel nut girls,
And the smell of stinky tofu that makes you want to hurl.
It has been known that magic happens at Kaoshiung’s Love River,
And even a few of us got a case of the love fever.
Our final destination was YMCA in Taipei,
The market at night and the Presidential pad in the day.
The countdown, the parties made New Year’s a slam,
Leaving, we promised to return to the motherland of green eggs and yam.