The Inception of a Love for Taiwan

Solon Kao

My experience on the 2011 International Youth Culture Tour of Taiwan showed me how important Tsunah Foundation's role is among Taiwanese Americans. The Tsunah Taiwan Tour allowed all the participants to fully understand the culture, history, and geography of Taiwan. Most importantly, it allowed all Taiwanese Americans to return to their core values of being Taiwanese. Those core values embody generosity, gregariousness, and kindness. These core values in action are portrayed by the people in Taiwan who greeted us with open-arms and the fruits of their hard labor, we experienced this from the family members of Sakinu's indigenous village to our tour bus driver. After each experience on the tour, I was left with the lasting embrace of warmth and love for Taiwan.

This tour was and is so important for the fellowship among a group of diverse Taiwanese Americans from all walks of life. Through understanding Taiwan, the tour allowed us to better understand each other. From the hot springs to lasting friendships, the most memorable part of the tour is that everyone took care of each other. I hope this tour continues each year with the mission to plant the seed, fill the heart, and grow the spirit of Taiwan in all individuals who attend the tour.